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Parents: The Key to Improving Education

Over the past five years, Idaho taxpayers have invested more than $500 million in additional funding in Idaho's public schools. We are consistently near the top nationwide for yearly growth in school funding and teacher salaries, and also rank high for yearly improvements in student performance.

But money alone is not the answer for making our education system the best it can be. Parents, as Sen. Steve Thayn points out in this video, are the great untapped resource. Getting parents, and students, more involved in education is the key to improving the quality and effectiveness of our schools.

Idaho Senate Republicans are leading the way on innovations in Elementary, Middle and High schools around the state. For example, the hugely popular Advanced Opportunities program allows students to take college-level courses while they're still in High School. Advanced Opportunities, a Republican innovation, is getting national attention for its success.Stay tuned for more info on how Senate Republicans are working with parents, students and teachers to give our kids a great start in life!

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