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Protecting Your 2nd Amendment Rights

Here in Idaho we cherish our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Republicans in the Idaho State Senate strongly support gun rights and and are constantly working to keep our state gun-friendly!

One of the Top States for Gun Owners

Idaho holds the Number 2 spot in Guns & Ammo magazine's 2019 "Best States for Gun Owners" rankings.

Third in the Nation for Gun Ownership

Idaho has the third-highest gun-ownership rate in the US, at 56.9 percent.

Recent Gun-Rights Laws

In the past two years alone Senate Republicans have acted to secure and strengthen Idahoans' Second Amendment rights, and promote public safety:

  • Concealed Carry: In 2019 the Legislature passed and the Governor signed a new law (H206) extending the right to concealed carry within city limits to people aged 18 to 20.

  • Self Defense: In 2018 a Stand Your Ground law (S 1313) clarified citizens' rights to defend themselves with force in their home, at their place of business, and in their vehicle.

  • School Safety: In 2018 a new law (H 565) allowed retired law enforcement officers to concealed carry on public school, college and university grounds.

Firearms Industry

The National Shooting & Sports Foundation 2019 Economic Impact Report ranked Idaho high in all metrics - economic impact, jobs & tax revenues - for our state's firearms, ammunition and hunting supplies industries.

  • 2nd in Economic Output: Idaho ranks second in the nation for our firearms industry's total economic output per capita.

  • 2nd in Jobs: Idaho ranks second for total jobs per capita in our firearms industry.

  • 1st in Generated Tax Revenue: Idaho ranks first for total federal excise taxes generated per capita from our firearms industry.

Low Crime

Idaho ranks 44th for gun homicide rate per 100,000 people, making Idaho's gun homicide

rate the seventh-lowest in the United States.

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